BBL Trans LRT Buendia Terminal

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Provincial buses, sadly, are not yet back in operation just like what Spox Harry Roque said in this video. Although, this should be understandable as the movement of people from cities to the provinces and vice versa would significantly increase the cases in the countryside.

The fact that the provincial bus operations has not restarted yet still might confuse you so here’s a photo shared in Facebook that went viral to better understand the situation.

If you want to see for yourself the current situation in LRT Buendia, then watch the video below. It also would not hurt if you subscribe and click the bell icon to get new video updates. 

Please disregard the info below as it was posted before the pandemic. It is being used as a basis for comparison. Thank you!

One of the many bus terminals around the LRT Gil Puyat Station, BBL Trans bus company helps the riding public by making sure that the commuters going to and from Laguna get to there destination.

It’s just crazy to see that even if several bus companies are already serving the same routes going to Laguna and Batangas simultaneously, still you will see people waiting in line to get home during rush hour. 

Provincial Bus Routes

BBL Trans
LRT Buendia

BBL Trans LRT Buendia Terminal

Getting Here

  • By private vehicle: Google Maps
  • By public transport:
    • From South
      Ride a bus going to Lawton. Get off at LRT – Vito Cruz Station. Then, ride a jeepney going to Buendia. The BBL Trans Bus Terminal is at your right.
    • From North
      Ride LRT 1 going to Gil Puyat Station. The bus terminal is just a few meters from the LRT station.

Operating Hours

  • TBD


  • Security


Several make-shift convenience stores line up just beside the terminal. Furthermore, if you want quick bites like sandwiches or donuts, the food stalls are situated just below the LRT Station. Lastly, there’s a McDonalds branch along Gil Puyat Avenue. 


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