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Dito Ang Sakayan, when translated, means “the terminal where you can find the mode of public transportation to your desired destination”.

The site was created for these two intentions:
1. share information about transportation hubs to fellow travelers for their do-it-yourself trips 

Most information on how to go to a tourist spot come from bloggers nowadays. Some posts are recent that’s why the instructions are up-to-date. But guess what? There are hundreds of blogs and you have to find out which blogs have the up-to-date post about your desired destination. 

2. promote the concept of “one less car off  the road” going to and from one’s destination.

On average, 247,527 cars ply EDSA on a daily basis as oppose to 12,283 buses, 20,022 taxicabs and 7229 UV express vehicles. That’s a whopping difference of 200,000 cars more than buses, taxicabs and UV Express vehicles combined! You don’t believe me? Check this article out in BusinessWorld. It just goes to show that the lack of discipline of Public Utility Vehicle drivers isn’t the only major factor in heavy traffic.

About Renz

A backpacker who will sleep anywhere as long as its cheap and bed-bug free, a mountaineer who is excited to use his purple Mongar tent and a traveler always looking for hidden spots to beat the crowd.

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